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The 3 best vacation travel apps

Did you know that, in addition to taking selfies in exotic destinations, they can be extremely useful, especially during your well-deserved vacation? Here is a list of apps designed specifically for travelers, essential before, during and after departure: download them all, so they don’t weigh in your suitcase!

1. PackPoint – Travel List
Do you dream of holidays but suitcases are your nightmare? Thanks to this amazing app you can sleep peacefully. All you have to do is set the length of your stay and destination: your luggage will practically do itself, also taking into account the season, the weather forecast and the number of times you want to wear a certain item.

The to-wear list can be shared with other users, so your other half will always have the perfect outfit during your romantic weekend in Paris.

2. Expedia App
The Expedia app is great for planning all aspects of your trip. Inside you will find exceptional offers on hotels, flights and rental cars, as well as helpful articles that will show you what to do and what to see in many destinations around the world. But the convenience does not end there: thanks to notifications and reminders, this app is like an assistant that will remind you of your flight times, the hotels you have chosen to stay in and much more.

3. Maps.me
When traveling, especially abroad, you don’t always have a data connection and this is where Maps.me comes to the rescue. This handy app, in fact, allows you to download the maps of many destinations around the world in advance and consult them comfortably offline. It also shows all the main monuments and attractions, as well as bars, restaurants and cafes: you can move around your destination as if you were near your home.

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