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Tips for sustainable tourism in Florence

Whether you are a lover of shopping or good food or a lover of art and architecture, in the Tuscan capital you will find the best you could wish for. The number of tourists who choose Florence as their holiday destination is growing year by year. For this reason it is essential to visit it behaving responsibly and respectfully.

In addition to being characterized by great attention to the environment, sustainable tourism is made up of many other aspects. It is a travel choice that aims to respect the locals and, consequently, the local economy, culture and traditions.

1. Visit Florence in the low season
If possible, choose the low or mid season (spring or autumn) for a holiday in Florence . The advantages are innumerable, both for you and for the city. Every summer Florence is literally stormed by tourists. Consequently, by booking a trip in the low season you will avoid overcrowding the city, you will be more likely to find cheaper accommodation rates and, not least, your stay will be much more pleasant because you will have Florence all to yourself … or almost. .

Another frontier of sustainable tourism is the so-called slow travel, or the choice to travel slowly, following one’s own pace. Dedicate at least a few days to visiting Florence: a hit and run would not allow you to appreciate the countless wonders of this city and its surroundings.

2. Focus on the local culture
One of the most beautiful aspects of a trip is being able to get in touch with a culture different from ours. There is nothing better than ending a holiday with the feeling of leaving it enriched. How can you approach the Florentine culture? A great idea is to take a tour of the city, enter an artisan workshop and buy only souvenirs and local products. You know the counterfeit bags that try to sell you on the street? Here, forget those: in addition to not being local at all, they are not even legal.

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